Tuli Cashmere Wood ilmkerti

Sit in a comfortable armchair with your favorite book and let yourself be wrapped in the warm aromas of spices, tonka beans, musk and cedar tree. “Cashmere tree” is a enveloping fragrance, giving a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Top note: Cloves, Violet

Heart note: Cedar Tree, White Musk, Sea Salt

Base note: Vanilla, Tonka beans


Candle based on rapeseed wax with the addition of soy wax.


The glass comes from a Polish glassworks.


Fragrance composition composed in France for Tula.


The entire production process from sticking the wick to flooding the candle is carried out manually in Poland.

Smoking capacity and time:

210 g, about 45 hours.

4.490 kr.


Viltu fá póst þegar varan kemur aftur

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